Bootstrap sidebar mega menu

This code also accommodates several mega menus for great navigation. get the codeThe menu drawer pushes the main content on open and an overlay covers the contents. Bootstrap Sidebar is a powerful and customizable responsive navigation component Nav dropdown . A basic dropdown mega menu inside of a Bootstrap navbar . First of all, load the Bootstrap 5 CSS, Font Awesome CSS (for icons), Google Fonts CSS, and Additional CSS (Optional) into the head tag of your webpage. Left sidebar using bootstrap21 Bootstrap Responsive Mega Menu on Hover The menu options have a blue background color, whereas that of the sub-items is white. You can use the same dropdown wrapper to embed your mega menu inside of a Side Navigation bar (also known as Sidebar , Offcanvas , Drawer , or simply Sidenav ). If you need to extend the depth of your menu by adding submenus to some of the items you could consider using a nested dropdown . . The responsiveness and the sub-menus within the sub-items are quite impressive too. In order to create a sidebar menu, load the Bootstrap, Font Awesome, and other necessary CSS files into the head tag of your website. You can create a beautiful desktop and mobile-friendly mega menu using the twitter bootstrap framework version 4. Users can access your content by just hover or click from the main navigation bar. In this menu, you can choose appearance by hover or click with nice user-friendly CSS3 animation effects. It uses HTML and CSS, whereas the author is kybarg. How to Create a Sidebar Menu with Submenu using Bootstrap? 1. How to Create a Responsive Mega Menu using Bootstrap 5 1

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