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He truly felt like a selfish human being. A/N: This story takes place after Winter Soldier, but before Civil War. Again (M’Baku x Black!Reader) Stanger Things Billy Hargrove. May 29, 2021 · Just a Drabble with GN black reader who likes plants and skateboarding . click here to view it. J. And, besides, by the time you make it to Seattle, it’ll be late and Y/N might be sleeping. Holding their newborn child for the first time - Sebastian, Finnian,Alois, Ciel. sirius black sirius black x reader sirius black x y/n sirius black x you sirius x reader sirius black angst sirius black fluff james See more posts like this on Tumblr. Bath time with s/o - GN!reader. It took several moments for the words to resonate. Chapters: Chapter 1, Chapter 2. Doing this erases the race, culture and intention of the fic. Comforting S/o who feels unworthy of their love - Ciel, Claude, Sebastian, Edward, Soma. Prompt: Are you afraid of me? Apr 07, 2020 · this post is tagged as . “Right she is, and cute Feb 25, 2021 · Trigger warning: swearing, mentions of death, mention of sex, angsty Fundy. Apr 22, 2021 · give me a kiss baby. Bragging about how great their kids are Apr 22, 2021 · give me a kiss baby. Words: 3. - that’s includes racism, would beat anyone’s ass if they attempted to cross u or say some shit. Summary: Reader and Sirius have a thing and everybody knows, but the two are too stubborn to let their crown fall. randomhumanthing liked this. If you ask anyone who Fundy is somewhere in the first couple of lines you will hear the words “Wilbur’s son” regardless who answers. “Oh, Adrian. Moving back over to you and towards the tray he left on the table by the entrance to the office. jst wanted to let u kno tht requests r closed on ur bio but it says requests r open on ur ask. “Adrian, look at her. Warnings: Swearing, Smoking, Nudity . This is my interpretation of Bucky during that timeframe. Originally posted by expectatmemories. Discover more posts about haikyuu x reader, and haikyuu x black reader. I found this gem on YouTube. “Why should you get her?”. * reuniting | Post-Azkaban!Sirius Black x Reader. If you have time, could you do a story where the reader is a sleepwalker and she walks in the Marauders dorm and Sirius wakes up and things get cuddly and eventually smutty? Love your writing You had forgotten to breathe for a moment just thinking about it all. - i feel like since he lived in america he’s educated on black culture. Jul 23, 2019 · SIRIUS BLACK. You realize you’re smiling as you watch him. See a recent post on Tumblr from @c-nstantine about black!reader. The wizard felt nothing but relief at the fact that two of his friends had stood by with him. Open to talk! All of these works are mine and belong to @blackxwritings only found on tumblr. that is why we live like heathens. Feb 12, 2021 · He smiles at you before wrapping both of his arms around your frame and pulling you into his lap. sirius black sirius black x reader sirius black x y/n sirius black x you sirius x reader sirius black angst sirius black fluff james Sebastian just stares at you, a lust filled fury haunting his gaze. Word Count: 834. Almost cried some thugs tears cause it’s so well edited. Warnings: none. ”. when you departe, you give him a small wave and a mumbled goodbye. Both being the younger siblings of the two most popular guys in school, it made their peers raise their eyebrows. very-boring-blog liked this. He places a kiss to your hair before nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck. - this man whew loves you from first sight, my boy fell head over heels for u boo. Feb 24, 2021 · This blog contains some nsfw content. Steve Rogers. unworthy of your light, your God, your touch. Sebastian on was the next to act. A/N: This will be the final part to the Peter/black!witch!Reader mini series I made. based on: blessed by daniel ceaser. 2 years ago 133 notes. Feb 04, 2021 · Trigger warning: swearing, mentions of death, mention of sex, angsty Fundy. fanficweasley liked this. writing-for-black-readers. Sebastian just stares at you, a lust filled fury haunting his gaze. Warnings: mention of abusive family, swearing, mentions of torturing, house of Black (yes it’s a warning), i don’t know let me know if you find more. Discover more posts about black-reader. Leorio Paradnight - No writings yet, send a request! Nov 12, 2021 · Happiness | Regulus Black x reader. Bored Marauders x gn! reader. I also drew fanart of the DV!Reader (Nasty) and while I can’t post it on tumblr because it is NSFW, here are the Twitter links so y’all can see! THIS is Nasty’s character introduction and THIS IS A SCENE FROM the unreleased DEVIANT REALITY 2. Nov 26, 2017 · GOOOD Sirius Black x Reader SMUT, by: seriouslyblacklikemysoul. ) Black Reader Imagines (hxh) Requests are closed. Imagines. Word Count: 700. and everything we touch is evil. eterealki liked this. He had seen you in the corridors on the way to classes many times, your nose always stuck in Jul 23, 2019 · SIRIUS BLACK. You can make requests, I guess. Nov 09, 2020 · Mando x F Black Reader. Feedback is appreciated I want to get better! Elysian - Sirius Black x Reader (smutty) Request: Hi! I was running out of Sirius fiction to read (my fav) and then I saw your masterlist and I was blessed . Word Count: 668. See a recent post on Tumblr from @jin0 about black reader. hp-hogwarts07 liked this. Pairing: Yuno x reader. Y/N was a lot like her older brother, James you smile and giggle quietly. She’s so small. Unbeknownst to him Regulus planned to leave as well. Apr 07, 2020 · this post is tagged as . Like, comment, reblog to your heart’s content! This prompt originated from the tumblr user v4lentiines. Summary: Reader moves to college, Jacob decides to go surprise her, and an unexpected guest answers the door. (Let me know if you want to be untagged) See a recent post on Tumblr from @nasty-quillz about haikyuu x black reader. I cannot let you go. I’ve used 1 prompt from the sappyprompts list I found on tumblr. 5k, I saw this just now and decided to write a little something for you, it’s not very long and I wrote it in like 15 minutes so it might be a little rubbish but I hope it helps x the way I’ve written it I’ve only Jan 22, 2017 · Turning Page (Sirius Black x Reader) A/N: Based on a request for a Sirius imagine where the Ravenclaw reader is a bookworm that gets Sirius into reading. Lily commented. Mar 28, 2021 · Pairing: Peter Parker/black!Reader. @ Anonymous. twistedvverse liked this. we’re guided by the lust. Sequel: Celebratory Kiss. Defend Me (Steve x Black!Reader) R & R (Steve x WOC!Reader) M’Baku. Feedback is appreciated I want to get better! Requested, Anon: Sirius Black X Marauders Reader. Bragging about how great their kids are Young Sirius Black X Reader. It’s time to try Tumblr. talk to me about books or ask my about my hamster. Going on a date with a famous S/o - Claude, Sebastian, Snake, Soma. He quietly whispered. “There aren’t many butterflies back at home,” he says, watching them disappear off into the distance. They hover over and around and everywhere near each other, in constant motion. Not to mention, they were in rival houses and seemed to be on opposite sides of the war. Thats how you do it , Part 2 (Billy x Black!Reader) Steve Harrington. If you do not wish to see those things please black list the tags (More info in the “Tags” section) Please do not imagine yourself as a black reader nor put a direct self insert of your self if you’re not a black reader. hufflepuffsfordraco liked this. The churning in your stomach, combined with your intuition; you knew it would go badly. Both of you would be busy until later in the afternoon, and his resolve was faltering. You just got home to the Black Bulls base from finishing a mission with Asta and Noelle. the unforgiving promise made to us. GIF - from google, will tag appropriately if I know who to tag. A/N: I’m new to this so please don’t judge me. Warnings: Tooth-Rotting Fluff. 5k. She shook her head and you knew that she was ready to fight anyone in her way. Summary: the marauders are bored but luckily y/n shows up to help Warning: swearing, mentions of sex, the marauders being shameless flirts A/n: 0. And I thought I would share. we cry the fallen names. Merry Christmas (Bucky x Reader) If Only We Met Sooner: Part 1 Part 2 (Bucky x Black Reader) Apple Juice Bandit. Fundy, the furry, the fox child of The Great Wilbur Soot and the Salmon Sally. Oct 22, 2016 · As soon as she settles in, all her whining subsides into just a bit of fussing. You officially met the Marauders during your third year; They needed help with a prank and sadly, you were the only one who knew how to brew the potion; One day they all cornered you in great hall and began to compliment you endlessly you smile and giggle quietly. this post is blacklisted because it contains and is not fully visible on the index page. “You will remain here. Hope you like it! Sirius knew that by being friends with you, he would have to embrace your quirks. A pair of butterflies flit right past his head; Jungkook turns and stares at them in awe. blackpantherismyish. That was a fact. (just to be aware, this is also posted on my wattpad page. * silence | Potter!Reader x Sirius Black 1 2. Wash Day (Steve ohayopoko. ;) thank you for reading my fics! lots of love, fia xx Feb 24, 2021 · This blog contains some nsfw content. Sep 11, 2013 · Triplets x Reader (for shikatemaforever) (Aww of course you can! :D And no worries, your English seems fine to me! ^-^ My first time writing the triplets, so forgive me if they’re a little out of character~) ~Triplets x Reader~. the link takes you to the permalink page. Prompt: Shut up and Kiss Me. I honestly still don’t know how tumblr works hehe. A/N: my friend @illuminateshawnm has requested this, but I didn´t have time to check the mistakes! She was the queen and he was her king. we stand besides the good and brave. My love, @cinewhore I hope this makes you smile and meets the dose of angst and fluff you desire. “That’s easy for you to say, Sam. I do hope you enjoy it though~ Originally posted by kurozero. Prompt: Are you afraid of me? Feb 21, 2021 · PART 2 SUMMARY: While trying to escape the clutches of criminals and cutthroats, you stumble across a castle beyond imagination. As always, If you want to get notifications for ohayopoko. Your words come out in a whisper, your hand absently stroking at her downy hair. Summary: when Sirius decided to leave his family he took his younger brother, Regulus, with him. Grell. his heart screams. Sebastian . pairings: jack harlow x black!reader. You live with AND see your imprint EVERYDAY. ”. sirius black, theseus scamander, and bucky barnes are my true loves. we cry for those you burned beneath the flame. Discover more posts about theloudehouseau, nat x reader, erik kilmonger x reader, black!oc, support black writers, tony stark imagine, and black!reader. Discover more posts about x black reader, x female reader, fem reader, x reader, female reader, smut, and black reader. “Maybe it’s nothing, Lil. As always, If you want to get notifications for Merry Christmas (Bucky x Reader) If Only We Met Sooner: Part 1 Part 2 (Bucky x Black Reader) Apple Juice Bandit. I don’t want to see these writings reposted or modified what so ever. Maybe her truck broke down and he’s picking her up. hes blushing so hard and covering his face. Their S/o is turned into a demon - Claude, William, Sebastian. Reader from 21st century and a group of characters - Poly - Female!reader - Sebastian, Ronald, William, and Grell) Headcanons. Wash Day (Steve T’Challa found himself lost staring at you. Black Butler . @killmongersgurl. Y/N Potter and Regulus Black were a weird pairing in most people’s eyes. @thehomierobbstark @eriknutinthispoosy @kumkaniudaku @wawakanda-btch @wakanda-4evr @heyauntieeee. He heard the pain in your voice, he felt your pain, your anger, he felt it but still he couldn’t let you go. “No, I want her. “I love you too Y/n. “Jake, it’s only been a week. It had been long, torturous years since Sirius Black had been wrongfully accused of murdering his friends. But after entering, you begin to wonder what you got yourself into…and what the dhampir within its walls intends to do with you. warnings: slight mentions of physical abuse, yelling, and cursing. You were uneasy about this job from the jump. - you mean so much to him and wouldn’t dare let a bitch say some Feb 02, 2021 · Pairing: Bucky Barnes/black!Reader. Do not repost nor claim as your own. a/n: i'm a hot mess rn!! to the put that sent in requests, please no that i am working on them, please be a little more patient with me. Demon! Reader is in heat when Sebastian is in rut - Female!reader - 18+ Multi character. She looks up at you, showing off the brilliant lime-green eyes that she got from her father. “Well, you already know what I think we should do. Y o u ’ l l n e v e r b e b o r e d a g a i n. #percy jackson #masterlist #sirius black imagine #harrypotter #marauders #imagines #sirius black imagines #sirius black x reader #harry potter imagine #james buchanan bucky barnes #percy jackson x reader #Nico di Angelo #leovaldez #heroesofolympus #siriusblackxreader. But they just worked. Ciel hi there! my name is sofia and i like writing au's because hp canon makes me cry. The corpses staked at the front aren’t enough to keep you out. dopechildtidalwave liked this. the stone, the dirt, the dust

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